Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Big Reveal

Tomorrow is officially 10 weeks until the wedding!

I had my alteration appointment tonight and it could not have gone better. I went to my parents house on Tuesday to try the dress on to "prepare" myself. I knew I had gained some weight between the last time I tried it on and this time, but it was mentally devastating. To quote myself, "I look like a marshmallow.."

I was anticipating the same scenario at the store, but did my best to keep the excitement up and the nervousness down.

My mom took pictures and I just cannot keep it in any longer. Patrick never truly followed my blog to begin with, normally only looking when I was with him and wanted him to see a post. We've discussed it and he has promised not to look (he doesn't want to see it more than I don't want him to see it, if that makes any sense).

The dress will be finished and ready to be picked up on August 31st. My sister will be going with me so that she can learn how to bustle the train of the dress. It is a must that she's there as there are 14 loops for her to bustle (cha-ching!).

Without further adieu, I proudly present... my dress.

The dress, before the sleeves (no, those are not sleeves.. those are my horrible tan lines.)

The dress, with sleeves. Also bustled.

My shoes.
A close up of my shoes, courtesy of
My favorite part of the dress. The beading is incredible and matches the sleeves and veil so well.

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