Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meeting Jeff Galloway

I will never be the type of person who can run 26.2 miles straight. I just don't have the body that can do something like that. I will always be amazed by people who can run that distance, hell any distance straight through. I can't even go half a mile without thinking I'm going to die.

And yet I have completed 26.2 miles. Twenty-six point freaking two. It's not something that I thought I would ever do because I never thought about doing it. When Rachel mentioned running a marathon and I decided to join her I didn't really have a plan on how we were going to do this. She wanted to join a running group, I did not. I was afraid that my running style would be something people would make fun of. I thought I'd slow people down. I thought too much.

Rachel quickly found a group and went to a meeting. She asked me to join her for one meeting, just one. If I hated it I didn't have to come back. She got her way. I loved the group and loved the people and loved the method.

The Galloway Method. It's fairly simple. It focuses on intervals. You run for a certain amount of time and then walk for a certain amount of time. You repeat these intervals for your planned distance. Rachel and I currently run 45 seconds and walk 1 minute. There is a formula to these intervals and a way to help you reach your goals.

To me, Jeff Galloway is amazing. His method has helped me to not only become a runner, but it has helped me fall in love with running. Before joining this group I never considered myself a runner, even on the rare occasions that I got out and did it (usually with my iPod on because it was the only way I could make it through a run). I would run a song, walk a song and repeat. I hated every moment of it. I would have a set course and end up taking a different course in order to go home early.

Now I only listen to music on runs with distances longer than 13.1 miles. Now I tend to see someone running down the street and I look with envy, wishing I too could be out running. Now I have more drawers in my dresser dedicated to running attire than I do every day clothes.

It's an addiction... There is no cure. And yet it's also my therapy. Hell, it's cheaper than therapy.

Today we had the opportunity to meet Jeff Galloway at the running store we meet at for our long runs. He also held a class in the morning, however due to some financial difficulties I chose to not partake in this. The meet and greet was free and I couldn't pass up meeting the man that taught me to love something I despised so much only a year ago.

I had so much I wanted to say to him. I wanted to let him know that he has changed my life this past year. I mean, in the past year alone I have completed 1 marathon, 4 half marathons, a few 5K and 10Ks thrown in there, a mud run and many hours of training runs. I've also PR'd my 5K time, my 10K time, my half marathon time and I've made multiple goals for the future (including attempting to PR my marathon time and complete The Goofy Challenge in 2014).

When it was my turn to meet him I froze. I think the only things that came out of my mouth was my name (so he could sign my book) and a thank you after we took the picture. Still the highlight of my day...

My training shirt I received when joining the group.

Jeff Galloway and me.

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