Saturday, August 4, 2012

Running Recap- 8/4/12

Today's run was a scheduled 6.5 mile run. Since Rachel and I are running in the Disney Half Marathon, which is before our training race (LA Rock N Roll), we had to add an extra 2 miles before.

The first two miles, like always, seemed to be the most difficult. Even with the hills we had to run today (Of course our mantra always helps.. "I love hills, I love hills.. I eat hills for breakfast! Nom Nom Nom!") For some reason my feet are really heavy and my legs are really tight for those first few miles.

It was an interesting run this morning. As we drove to our starting location it started to rain. We're in Southern California... In August... It was hot and humid outside... And raining. So weird. It seemed to clear up and we ran the first two miles with clear skies and a rainbow at one point.

But then we started the group run. It didn't just rain. It poured. What an amazing run! Rain, thunder and a few lighting sightings through the hills of Simi Valley. It made the time go by faster because we were in awe and so amazed by the weather that we weren't really focusing on running up the hills and it was over before we knew it.

I fueled this morning with a simple breakfast of a piece of bread, 1 Tbsp Better N' Peanut Butter and a little bit of honey as well as some low calorie Gatorade. After our first two miles I fueled with some GU Chomps (Watermelon flavor). A little over 3 miles into our 6.5 mile run I fueled again with Peppermint GU. I feel good and I'm glad I stayed consistent with fueling.

Total miles- 8.58
Total time- 2:00:03

Mile 1- 14:23
Mile 2- 13:58
Mile 3- 14:11
Mile 4- 14:10
Mile 5- 14:02
Mile 6- 13:44
Mile 7- 13:35
Mile 8- 13:55
Mile 0.58- 8:02

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