Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 Day Shred Challenge- Day 22

I'm not going to lie, tonight was an intense workout. I blame that on being stressed and taking my aggression out on the workout. I guess it worked because I'm sitting here in my after workout glow of endorphins and I'm feeling much better about everything.

Then again everything is sitting there waiting for me. As soon as I get off of this couch I'm going to go back to being stressed with the things on my to-do list.

I will be doing the workout earlier than normal both tomorrow and Saturday. Not quite sure how I feel about that. On one hand I'll be able to do more advanced versions (I modify some because of the noise I can only assume it makes for our neighbors downstairs). On the other hand, I am a creature of habit and I like knowing that at 730 every night I will be doing the workout. I guess as long as it gets done then that's the important part.

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