Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August Goals- Update

So, I've missed the half way point, but decided to still post an update as to where I am with my goals for the month. This is mostly for me because, to be honest, I couldn't even remember what my goals were for the month...

1. Work on the steps from "Feel Good Naked" by Laure Redmond. The goals I plan to start incorporating into my daily life are:

Step One- Don't deprive yourself. Treat yourself once a week.
Step Two- Drink water, drink water, drink water.
Step Three- Watch ten minutes of exercise a day change your face and your life.
Step Four- Schedule fitness appointments in writing each week.
Step Five- Don't stop eating. Stop eating in front of the TV.
Step Seven- Breathe consciously for five minutes a day.
Step Eight- Take thirty minutes of private time each day.

Fail. And will probably continue to be a fail. I've been getting better about drinking more water daily but still need work on getting in enough water on the weekends. I guess I have been getting more exercise in although it's not in writing. I've been attempting to eat dinner at the kitchen table but I admit to snacking in front of the TV. Otherwise I have not really consciously kept up with these.

2. Run/Walk 100 miles. Make a plan to get all of the miles in.

This is a giant success! I am already at 84.7 miles for the month and still have 10 days left to go. I see myself getting a lot more miles in between now and then.
3. Track in writing every day. Do not become obsessed with what I'm eating, concentrate on portions not calories or points.

Fail. I am not writing down what I'm eating, however I am tracking on My Fitness Pal again and having success this time around. I do not feel like I am becoming obsessed with calories like I was before. More aware of them this time. Less afraid.

4. Keep up with laundry and keeping the apartment clean. Make a weekly plan. Do not get overwhelmed.

I have to give a big apology to Patrick for this one. This is also a fail. I have such high hopes and such big goals and then I get tired or bored or distracted or lazy and the apartment gets messy then gets overwhelmingly messy. I wish I had that gene that helped me to want to keep everything neat and organized.

5. Stop stressing about the wedding. Realize that everything is going to work out the way it's supposed to. EGBOK.. Everything is Going to Be OK. There is no point in stressing about one day. At the end of it all I'm going to be married to my best friend.

Another big apology to Patrick... I have let the stress take over quite a few times. Mostly because people keep inviting other people and no one cares to say anything. They just think it's okay and they don't want to upset anyone. Believe me, I of all people do not want to upset anyone, but at the same time we are reaching the end of our budget and that's a scary place for two broke people.

The biggest mistake I've made this month regarding the wedding was getting upset with Patrick. I've been with him for over three years and I know that he is a procrastinator. I also know that when he says he's going to do something that he will get around to doing it, it just won't be on my schedule. I've done a huge part of the wedding planning and have asked him to do very little. When those things didn't get done I had a bridezilla moment. Not my best moment. I think from here on out if I want something done I'm going to either do it myself or learn to have patience.

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