Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Goals

1. Work on the steps from "Feel Good Naked" by Laure Redmond. The goals I plan to start incorporating into my daily life are:

Step One- Don't deprive yourself. Treat yourself once a week.
Step Two- Drink water, drink water, drink water.
Step Three- Watch ten minutes of exercise a day change your face and your life.
Step Four- Schedule fitness appointments in writing each week.
Step Five- Don't stop eating. Stop eating in front of the TV.
Step Seven- Breathe consciously for five minutes a day.
Step Eight- Take thirty minutes of private time each day.

2. Run/Walk 100 miles. Make a plan to get all of the miles in.

3. Track in writing every day. Do not become obsessed with what I'm eating, concentrate on portions not calories or points.

4. Keep up with laundry and keeping the apartment clean. Make a weekly plan. Do not get overwhelmed.

5. Stop stressing about the wedding. Realize that everything is going to work out the way it's supposed to. EGBOK.. Everything is Going to Be OK. There is no point in stressing about one day. At the end of it all I'm going to be married to my best friend.

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