Thursday, August 9, 2012

30 Day Shred Challenge- Day 1

Today started the first day of the 30 Day Shred challenge on the weight watchers boards. A complete 30 days of Jillian Michael's putting you through complete hell. Who's idea was this? Oh, right...

So, not only am I completely insane for deciding to do this, but I'm putting this on top of trying to get in 100 miles for the month, losing weight and tracking calories on my fitness pal. Who's idea was this again?? Still mine?

Okay, so I may be putting too much on myself. I get that, but at this time I have the support that could get me through the next 30 days. There are other people out there going through the same thing. There are other people in about as much or more pain as I am. There are other people doing something for themselves to improve their bodies.

I am hoping to take measurements tomorrow. I have heard that it is difficult to lose weight while toning up using 30 Day Shred, so I would like another way of tracking my progress. I also took before pictures to track that way as well.

Front shot

Side shot

333 calories. Not too shabby.

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