Thursday, August 16, 2012

30 Day Shred Challenge- Day 8

I'm tired after tonight's workout. Actually, I've been tired all week. I have not been getting enough sleep to keep up with this crazy workout schedule I've got going on.

I really thought once I got into the routine my body would catch up and I would start going to be earlier. This has yet to happen. I did go to bed a little earlier last night, but not enough to make a difference. I still woke up this morning and went for my walk. I still went on my afternoon walk with my friend. And I still did 30 Day Shred tonight, making it a full 8 days in a row. Only 22 days left!

It's been somewhat difficult to do the workout video at home and I will admit that I prefer to workout on my lunch break in an empty room. I love my daughter and I love my cat but once I put that video in all they want is to be right on top or right underneath me. Seriously. They want nothing to do with me all day but once I put my workout shoes on they want nothing and no one else.

So Saturday will be day 10 and the end of level 1. I cannot wait to do something new.. I have decided to take measurements every 10 days while doing this video as well as taking progress pics. Hopefully there is a difference.

It's going to be a tough workout on Saturday. Rachel and I are running 11 miles that morning...

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