Saturday, August 25, 2012

30 Day Shred Challenge- Day 16

I did complete day 16 yesterday, but I didn't blog about it. Part of it was forgetting to do so and the other part was that Patrick and I went on a much needed date.

Yesterday was the first day of level 2 using 5 pound weights. I didn't feel much of a difference until the military press. It felt good though.

I always feel like I get to a point in the video where I'm ready to quit, just be done. Then I realize I'm already more than half way and I can't quit because I'm almost done. That's the beauty of a 30 minute workout. It holds my attention and yet still makes me want to die.

The changes to my body are starting to become noticeable. Patrick has complimented me on a few occasions and I find myself talking less negatively about myself. It may be vain, but I find myself looking in the mirror in the morning. I no longer point out the things I dislike, but instead look at the parts that are changing and that I love about myself.

This video may be doing more for me than just toning my body.

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