Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dress for Success 8/2

Today is the day of my first dress fitting. I decided to get more done up than usual (hair and makeup included) to give myself more self confidence for the entire day. I wanted to have my hair and makeup done so that I could get a better idea of how the dress is going to look the day of the wedding.

I straightened my hair (not very well) as that is how I'm going to wear it the day of. Straight with a little pulled back with bobbie pins to hold up the veil. I want my makeup done as simple as possible. Since I very rarely wear makeup I feel like if I do too much the day of the wedding I will look like someone else.


Not much of a difference, but I really think it helps. I just feel more put together when I do my makeup. I feel more grown up and professional.

Blouse- Van Heusen
Sweater- New York & Co
Skirt- New York & Co
Shoes- Famous Footwear

1 comment:

  1. Great outfit! And I think you did a good job on the makeup. It evened out your skintone nicely.