Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Swarley- Better Known as Marley

(Yes, that is a How I Met Your Mother reference)

Swarley is just one of her MANY nicknames.

Her nicknames include, but are not limited to: Mar Mar Ba Dang Dang, Hairball City Kitty, Mars Bar, Marls Barkley, Stinky, Mar Mar Ba Jangles and Kitty Face.

She is best known as Marley.

She rarely responds to any of the above mentioned names.

She weighs 13 pounds.

She weighs herself daily, usually right after I weigh myself.

I don't think she realizes.

We've had her for a year.

During tonights workout she spent 20 minutes chasing a fly.

Neither of us know where it is.

In the mornings she will meow for 30 minutes while I get ready for work.

When I get the spoon out of the drawer to feed her she pulls it towards herself and rubs her face on it and bites it.

She could care less about me after I feed her.

I've tried feeding her first and then getting ready for work.

She gets confused after she eats because I'm still there and will meow trying to trick me into feeding her again.

If I press snooze on my alarm she will jump on the bed.

If I turn my alarm off, sit up and then lay back down she will sit on my face.

Her favorite spot in the house is on the arm of the couch where the air conditioner blows.

She also enjoys laying in the shower, but only if it's dry.

She hates the sound of plastic bags.

She can often be found napping on top of my shoes in my closet.

She likes to sit near the silk flowers on the coffee table. She puts her face in it and I like to think she's pretending she's in the wild.

She just found the fly again and is tracking it down.

She thinks when I take my vitamins at night that I'm going to give her treats.

I always give in.

If you sit down to pay bills she will sit right on top of them.

She can usually be found right beside me while I'm working out.

Usually on her back expecting me to pet her... Or teasing me that she's a cat and she doesn't have to work out.

Her picture is the background on my work computer. When I get overwhelmed or stressed at work I minimize the screen and see her.

She calms me down.

When I get home from work she jumps up on my leg.

I pick her up and carry her on my hip like a baby.

She lets me hold her like this until I sit down and then she's gone.

All of my black clothes have white hair on them.

All of my white clothes have black hair on them.

I own a lint brush, but I'm too lazy to use it.

Her tail is as long or longer than her body.

She's weird.

She fits right in.

We really couldn't have asked for a better cat.

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