Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fresh Start

Day one of the new me already feels like a success and it's only 7:30 AM. I got up early this morning and the first thing I did was weigh in.

Starting weight: 166.8
Goal weight: undecided. I cannot seem to decide on a weight that I can easily maintain while training. I'm just going to have to let my body decide.

After weighing in I went out for a 3.12 mile run/walk. It started pretty well. I was going at a nice pace and felt good until right after mile 1. I just wasn't feeling it. I tried to continue to run/walk, but my mind wasn't there so I walked the rest of the way. It wasn't what I had planned for this morning, but I still got the miles in.

Plus I was able to sport the new shirt I bought last night...

And of course, in working on me, I decided to dress for success today. I've been slacking the last few days on both posting pictures and on dressing my best. I haven't gone back to my old ways of jeans and sweatshirts only, but they haven't been the best outfits that I can put together.

Undershirt- New York & Co
Blouse- Marshall's
Pants- Kohl's
Shoes- Bass
I have decided to join a group on the weight watchers message boards. It's a 30 Day Challenge to complete 30 Day Shred. It starts today.

Since it's an item on my bucket list and since I'm trying to work on me and my body I thought it couldn't have been better timing. I will be starting tonight after work. I'd say I can't wait, but I know how sore I get after the first day, so tomorrow is going to suck.

I resigned up for My Fitness Pal. I included my weight tracker at the top of my blog to track my progress. Here's hoping I can focus enough to get it done this time.

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