Tuesday, August 28, 2012

30 Day Shred Challenge- Day 20

It's bittersweet saying goodbye to level 2.

I am so glad to say goodbye to all of the plank moves, however as I'm watching level three I am wishing I could continue to do the workout that I'm used to. This is seriously intense and this woman is CRAZY! How am I ever going to do these workouts?!?

I'm still mentally having a difficult time allowing myself to consider level two complete considering I've been following the modified versions. Believe me, the modified versions are still difficult and I'm still sweating when the workout is over, but for me I can't see a difference in my body.

Jillian literally just said that we should be able to see a difference in our abs by the start of level three. I'm sitting here just finishing the last day of level two in my sports bra. As I look down I do not see anything close to a six-pack as she is expecting us to have by now. I don't even have a two-pack. Why is there no difference?

The only difference I've seen in doing this workout is in my endurance. I can do some of the workouts that I never thought I could do. That's pretty cool, I guess. But I really thought I'd look in the mirror and see a difference. I thought I'd like what I see.

I'm not giving up though. Not when I'm this close to the end. Like Jillian says, "You don't get to the finish line and quit. That's when you give it even more than you started with."

I just don't feel shredded. Maybe I will in 10 more days, but I really thought there would be a difference by now.

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