Sunday, January 6, 2013

Race Report- New Year's Race

Last night was our first night race, the New Year's Race. It was the inaugural year, so of course there were a few bumps in the road (like starting a half hour late), but I believe it was a pretty good race all around.

We got there pretty early to pick up our race packets and check into our hotel. We stayed at the Millenium Biltmore. What a historical amazing hotel. It was really nice to stay there in Downtown instead of driving home at one o'clock in the morning.. We walked around and had dinner around 3 at Chipotle.

We went back to the hotel and Rachel took a nap while I read. I then proceeded to have two red bull's before we headed to the start line and one 5 hour energy at the start line. Talk about energy! Thankfully it wore off before it was time to go to sleep.

Rachel and I agreed pretty early on (immediately after seeing the elevation chart) that we would be walking the majority of this race. It was the best decision for us as it was our first night race and the hills were pretty intense.

I really enjoyed this race, more so now that it's over. There was a lot of walking around the parking lot at Dodger Stadium, which I personally believe was smart because they didn't have to close as many streets in Downtown L.A., but it did make the course a little repetitive and boring.

The medal is amazing and instead of a race shirt they gave everyone a race sweatshirt. I'm wearing it now and probably will tomorrow to work. It's really nice.

Driving into Downtown.

My running outfit.

My racing bib. New Years Resolution? Be Awesome-Sauce, of course.
Rachel's running outfit.

Start line.

Downtown at night. View from the top of Dodger Stadium


  1. AHHHHH TEAM T-REX SHIRT!!! I love it! Congratulations on another half! That sounds like such a fun race! I think I will be doing my first ever nighttime race at a marathon in August. I'm kind of worried about it because I get so tired at like 10 pm. Bah!

    1. I'm usually in bed around 10, so I had to drink two red bulls and one 5 hour energy. Probably not the best combo. I'm thinking of going Team T Rex for my next full marathon in March. If I finish under 6 hours (yes, I know I'm slow..) then I may be done with full marathons and just continue on the half track.