Saturday, January 19, 2013

30 Day Push Day 13 & Happier at Home Day 6

30 Day Push Challenge
Day 13: Spend your time and energy with people who want to see you succeed!

To-Do: Circle items that need to be done this week (blue), star items that need to be done today (need to, not want to) (green), all other items need to be done "soon" (black).

1. Organize coloring books & workbooks
2. Empty trash & recycling
3. Clean out fridge
4. Organize catch-all
5. Clean living room
6. Finish laundry
7. Clean bedroom
8. Clean bathrooms
9. Vacuum
10. Clean out car
11. Vacuum car
12. Crochet one scarf
13. Clean out Isabel's art drawer
14. Organize photo CDs- make albums
15. Valley Produce Market
16. Date with Isabel- used book store, park, feed ducks
17. Rite Aid- pencil holder & crayon holder

Happier at Home
Day 6: Dig deep.

This one hits home for me today because all too often I lose my patience with Patrick and Isabel. It's a security thing. I know that even if I lose my patience and yell for no reason that they're not going to leave.

"We can’t yell and nag our way toward the loving, peaceful, tender atmosphere that we all want to foster at home."

Today's task is to work on your reactions to things, responding with humor instead of anger. She says it perfectly at the end when she says "Easier said then done, right? But it's worth the effort."

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