Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Goals- Check In

1. Run and/or walk 100 miles.
As of today I am at 38.56/100 miles. I'm technically behind where I need to be in order to reach my goal, however there are a lot of miles planned the next two weekends, so I have no doubt that I will reach my goal. Time to start walking each day though. Need to make it a habit...

2. Read two books.
I have finished one book and I've started my second for the month. The second book is not as interesting as the first one. Yet. I'm hoping it grabs my attention soon though so that I can get through it.

3. Blog in my journal every day.
So far I have blogged my journal every day.

4. Take a picture and attach to journal every day.
Picture of the day has been uploaded to each journal post.

5. Keep working on paying off debt.
Doing as well as I can be. I have to wait about another week before the bills start coming in again. At that time more debt will be paid off. It's interesting how I have been looking forward to getting my bills each month. Before I looked at it as a hassle and I was annoyed to be paying money toward debt. Now I look at it as a payment toward being debt free. It's amazing how a change of outlook can change so much!

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