Sunday, January 20, 2013

Liebster Awards!

I was recently nominated by Taylor at Freak Out In Color for a Liebster Award. My first ever! Thank you Taylor!

What is a Liebster Award? A Liebster Award is a way to discover new blogs.
How does it work? Share eleven facts about yourself. Answer eleven questions from the person who gave you the award. Nominate eleven blogs. List eleven questions for them to answer.

I think this could be a problem because I honestly have a difficult time thinking of interesting things about myself. I'm not that interesting... Here's what I got:

1. In middle school I had a classmate who is deaf. I wanted to be friends with her so I bought myself a book about sign language. I taught myself some basic signs including the alphabet and phrases such as "How are you?" "My name is Tracy." and "Nice to meet you." She taught me more signs (including all of the curse words, of course) and we became friends. I continued to study sign language in high school and took a course in college. At one point I thought about being a sign language interpreter.
sign language
2. I went to the park with Isabel. While I was watching her swing I saw two squirrels and started taking their picture. I ended up photographing the two squirrels sharing a kiss and it was published in our cities local newspaper "The Acorn" (Valentine's edition, of course).

3. I had to write a poem in third grade. I didn't know what to write about, so I spun around with my arm out pointing. When I stopped I was pointing to a container of glitter on the teachers desk. The poem went something like "Glitter Glitter everywhere. Glitter Glitter in my hair. Glittler Glitter on the wall. Glitter Glitter in the mall..." It was picked and published. To this day I still believe it was published as a joke and I'm waiting to see myself on an episode of Candid Camera.
4. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a marine biologist/animal trainer at Sea World. I truly believe no job would make me happier than working with dolphins. I was obsessed and collected dolphin trinkets from as early as I can remember (then got rid of them all when I "grew up". My dream was crushed when I realized the two subjects you needed to excel in to be a marine biologist were math and science, my two worst subjects.
5. After having no desire to run (at all), I ended up signing up for the LA Marathon this past year in support of my sister's goal to complete a marathon before her 30th birthday. I may or may not have had some wine in my system, but it turned out to be the greatest thing I've ever done, not just for myself (for making a goal and sticking to it, and you know, the whole being healthy and physically active aspect) but also for my relationship with my sister. Almost every week for the past year and a half we have met up once a week to run together. I feel like she's no longer just my sister, but one of my best friends.
LA Marathon - 2012
6. One of my favorite movies is "Fools Rush In". I love the movie so much that when I found out I was pregnant with a little girl I knew her name had to be Isabel, after the main female character in the movie. And so, on March 14th of 2008, Isabel was born.
Fools Rush In
7. My guilty pleasure television show is America's Next Top Model. I love to watch marathon's and can sit and watch any season, even if I've seen it multiple times before. My favorite part is the fashion (and maybe because when it's on it usually makes Patrick leave the room). I wish I could be that creative of a photographer.
America's Next Top Model
8. In order to go to bed at night I need the sweet soothing sound of Stan Smith's voice. "Sweet Sally Struthers!" There is no way that I would ever be okay mentally if I watched the 10 o'clock news every night, so it is now tradition for us to turn the channel to Cartoon Network every weekday night at 10.
American Dad Volume 2
9. Before I knew I was pregnant I went to see the movie "Knocked Up". I cried during the movie because I wanted to have a baby. Yeah, I was 21 at the time and didn't really want a baby, but the hormones had kicked in. I was knocked up while seeing "Knocked Up".
Knocked Up
10. My favorite book is "To Kill A Mockingbird". I love it so much that when Patrick and I have a house we want to get two dogs, a boxer for Patrick (which he wants to name Rocky) and a Corgi which I want to name Scout.
to kill a mockingbird

Corgi---i will own one someday  :)
11. Being a mom is the most exhausting and satisfying job ever. You're constantly learning and your patience is being pushed daily, and yet I wouldn't change anything about it. There is nothing better than the excited yell of "Momma!" as your four year old runs full force at you when you get home from work.
Motherhood ♥ SO TRUE

Taylor's Questions:
1. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
My sense of humor. I'm like a fifteen year old boy at heart when it comes to my sense of humor. I can be mature when I need to be, but I am definitely one of the first ones to make a bathroom or sex joke. Especially while watching "How It's Made". Dang that show is hilarious when your mind is in the gutter. Football too. All sports to be honest. It's one of the things that connected Patrick and me and one of the things I love the most about our relationship.

2. If you could visit any planet (besides Earth, obvi), where would you go? Assuming you won't die due to atmospheric conditions.
Assuming I wouldn't die, I would go to Pluto. Of course I do realize that Pluto is no longer technically a planet, however to me, it will always be one. I have yet to hear an acronym for the current order of the planets, but it will never be as awesome as My Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizza's.

3. What's the earliest memory you have?
The earliest memory I have is lying to my parents about finishing my glass of milk at dinner. I really didn't want to drink it anymore but I couldn't leave the table until I did. So I poured it down the sink with the water running. I went into the other room and as soon as they asked if I had finished my glass of milk I broke down crying.

4. What's your favorite color, and what do you think this says about you?
Red. It means I'm an Angel's fan. Everyone looks good in RED!

5. Have you ever broken a bone? Tell us the story.
I broke my left pinky toe a few years ago in Mammoth. My sister and I were running around the pool because I was trying to push her in. She stopped and I didn't. My toes ran into her heel and my pinky toe was bent to the side. It was extremely painful and so weird to look at. My mom took me to the hospital and they thought it might be dislocated (to which I freaked out because I knew that would be more painful to put it back in). I got to start my Senior year of high school with the ugliest bootie EVER!

6. Where do you want to be in five years?
I'm really hoping to be in a house. Patrick and I are doing our best to be debt free by the end of this year (more likely won't be out of debt until sometime next year). During this time we are planning on building up our savings as well. Slow and steady for this year and then we'll really go full force after we're out of debt. As soon as we feel we have a decent amount saved up we're going to start looking at what we can afford. I'm really hoping to start looking in 3-4 years. So on this day in 5 years I will be in a house!

7. If you had your choice between living forever, but never finding true love, or finding your soul mate but only living until age 50, which would you pick?
I would pick finding your soul mate but only living until age 50. And I would hope that I would have found them young enough to enjoy the time we do have together. Then again, I have found my soul mate, so does that mean I'm only going to live for another 23 years? (well, 22 years and 2 months.)

8. Who is your celebrity doppelganger?
I've been told I look the most like Kate Winslet and Amanda Seyfried. I don't see it, but I'll take it!
Kate Winslet

Old Hollywood Hairstyles: Amanda Seyfried

9. Who is on your "Freebie Five" list, IE the five celebrities you can bang without it being considered cheating?
1. Rachel McAdam
rachel mcadams
2. Niel Patrick Harris
I am awesome at being AWESOME. Niel Patrick Harris / Barney Stinson
3. Anthony Bourdain
anthony bordain makes me pee my pants.
4. Mike Trout
Mike Trout
5. Torii Hunter
Game #100 7/27/12: Torii Hunter #48 of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim scores in the third inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on July 27, 2012 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

10. What was your dream job when you were a little kid?
A marine biologist/animal trainer (see fact #4). After I quickly realized I couldn't do that I set my sights on something a little less difficult. I honestly could see myself sitting at a computer all day entering data. Guess what I do now... I love data entry and could do this every day until I retire. Now if only I could make more money doing it.

11. What is your biggest regret?
Honestly? Everything that has happened has happened for a reason and has brought me right where I need to be. I guess if I had to pick something I would say that I regret not having more confidence in myself to pursue my true passion. I honestly think that if I had gone on to study marine biology and was working at Sea World then I wouldn't have Patrick and Isabel.

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