Thursday, January 17, 2013

30 Day Push Day 11 & Happier at Home Day 4

30 Day Push Challenge
Day 11: Skill mastery. Google your push goal and get ideas. Learn something.

To-Do: Circle items that need to be done this week (blue), star items that need to be done today (need to, not want to) (green), all other items need to be done "soon" (black).

1. Check update if needed
2. UA workup (work)
3. Google debt reduction
4. 30 minute run
5. Clean bedroom
6. Clean bathrooms
7. Move dresser- organize coloring books and workbooks
8. Go to Valley Produce Market
9. Vacuum
10. Laundry
11. Vacuum car
12. Crochet scarves
13. Read happier at home- day 4
14. Clean out Isabel's art drawer
15. Organize photo CDs- make photos for album

(I'm finding myself having a difficult time thinking of things to do. Maybe once I actually start doing the ones for this week (blue) I'll have more ideas for things to do. The list just seems to keep repeating itself.)

Happier at Home
Day 4: Under-react to a problem.

I like this resolution and I truly believe it's something that both Patrick and I need to work on. There have been multiple times that we lose our patience with Isabel over spilling something.

"Under-react to problems: not to ignore or minimize problems. Your under-reaction will help make you feel calmer and more in control."

I 100% agree with this and know that when Isabel spills something and I under-react then it's not a big deal at all. We both get what we need to clean it up and we clean it together. When I over-react, one or both of us ends up in tears. There really is no use crying over spilt milk..

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