Friday, January 18, 2013

30 Day Push Day 12 & Happier at Home Day 5

30 Day Push Challenge
Day 12: Use coach talk, not negative self talk.

To-Do: Circle items that need to be done this week (blue), star items that need to be done today (need to, not want to) (green), all other items need to be done "soon" (black).

1. Check update if needed
2. Transfer $3 for 52 week money challenge
3. Google debt reduction
4. Clean bedroom
5. Clean bathrooms
6. Organize coloring books and workbooks
7. Go to Valley Produce Market
8. Vacuum
9. Laundry
10. Vacuum car
11. Crochet scarves
12. Read happier at home day 5
13. Clean out Isabel's art drawer
14. Organize photo CDs- make photo albums
15. Get mom's remote for WII
16. Work on resume- per inner bitch calender 

Happier at Home
Day 5: Give warm greetings and farewells.

I love how simple this is and yet how little we do this in our house. Well, not all of us. Isabel is very good about her hello's and goodbye's. It's my favorite part of the day coming home. She says "Mama!" and then runs to give me a hug. This is something I know I'm going to miss when she gets older, so I'm going to make sure to treasure it now.

Isabel is also very good about her goodbye's. For a while she would cry if she was awake when I was leaving for work, saying "I don't want you to go to work. I'm going to miss you." Broke my heart. I tried to explain to her about why I go to work and I think it's finally clicked that it's something I have to do. She still makes sure to tell everyone goodbye, that she loves them and that she will miss them.

Patrick and I could work on this.

Today's secret of adulthood: The things you do everyday matter more than what you do once in a while.

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