Monday, January 21, 2013

30 Day Push Day 15 & Happier at Home Day 8

30 Day Push Challenge
Day 14: (From yesterday)
Tips for Daily Organization:
1. Start with the task that has the greatest impact- FIRST!
2. Begin with the biggest and the ugliest task on your list!
3. Estimate the time for each assignment on your task list
4. Use a schedule to keep you on task!
5. Be realistic and allow a buffer

Happier at Home
Day 7: (From yesterday)
Abandon your self control.

30 Day Push Challenge
Day 15: Saying no. "Thank you so much for thinking of me. Let me check my schedule and I'll get back to you."
Say yes if...
1. It feels 'right'
2. It doesn't interfere with your own goals
3. You actually 'want' to do it
4. You're not expecting anything

To-Do: Circle items that need to be done this week (blue), star items that need to be done today (need to, not want to) (green), all other items need to be done "soon" (black).

1. Check update if needed
2. Make weekly workout schedule
3. Send resume
4. Clean out car
5. Vacuum car
6. Clean out Isabel's art drawer
7. Organize CD's- make photo albums
8. Clean off kitchen table

Happier at Home
Day Eight: Control the cubicle in your pocket.

I think this tip would have been helpful in the month of November. Our company's peak time begins in October and ends January 1st. During this period of time I was bringing work home almost every night, going to work early, staying late and working through my lunches. It was exhausting and I definitely felt a difference in my relationship with Patrick.

Since then I feel like I've been much better about leaving work at work. We still vent about work and share what's going on with each other, but it's become less prominent in our conversations, which has been really nice.

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