Wednesday, January 9, 2013

26 Miles for 26 Angels

  I was at work today when I received an email with the following:

26 Angel Run
26 Miles for 26 Angels
Come and participate in a  "26 Angel" run,
bike or walk. 26 miles for all 26 of the people
that were shot and killed at Sandy Elementary
in CT. It will be on Saturday January 26th,
 2013. Spread the word & please come join us.
Each mile marker will have an angel at the end of it with the name of an individual who died.
We are also accepting donations for the families.
You may Run/Bike/Walk however many miles
you would like.
*(Please note: This is not a sanctioned event; therefore, there will
be no police, ambulance, water stations or t-shirts, etc… Participants will need to bring their own water and supplements.)
Time: 6:00am
I've been wanting to do something, donate somewhere, make a difference. I never knew how or where though and now I feel like I have my chance to do something. This tragic situation affected me more than I anticipated considering I have no ties to anyone in Newtown.
I can only hope that the tragic situation can bring out the best in people. In this case I am going to try to collect donations for the run. My goal is $260. Not a lot, but I feel like it's an amount I can reach. Hopefully it can make a difference.
The following song makes me think of those angels. Gone too soon.

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