Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear Journal, 1/9/13

Dear Journal,
Q: Today was typical, why or why not?

A: Today was a fairly typical day. I had a doctor's appointment this morning, which was not typical. Then I went to work for the rest of the day. Typical and busy. Went and spent some time at my parents as Isabel is spending the night tonight. Went out and bought a birthday present for Isabel's friend. RSVP'd to two birthday parties this weekend (yes to one and no to the other. I'm working on the being social part- baby steps), and now I'm at home blogging.

Picture of the day 1/9: A conversation with the taco bell sauce packets I received with my lunch today.

Will You Marry Me?
I'm Up For It If You Are.

You Have Chosen Wisely.

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