Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dear Journal, 1/2/13

Dear Journal,
Q: Can people change?
A: I believe that people change, but I know that you cannot change people. It has to be a decision that they have to make for themselves. I don't necessarily think that people change their beliefs, but I believe personality wise people are constantly changing.

It would be difficult to live your entire life always being the same. It would be boring and I think when someone changes it means they've learned something, either about something, about someone or about themselves.

I go back and forth with what I think about this, but for the most part I believe that people do change.
People never change
People change

 people change

Don’t try to change the people

Seasons and people change

Picture of the day 1/2:

Daily Review 1/2:
Calorie Goal- 1500 plus activity

coffee, 4 Tbsp sugar free peppermint mocha creamer, 3 splenda (64 calories)
1/2 cup oatmeal (140 calories)
6 oz greek yogurt- raspberry (140 calories)
small banana (90 calories)

1.45 mile walk- 22:41 (202 calories)

2 clementine cuties (80 calories)

2.22 mile walk- 34:46 (305 calories)

eating right- turkey meatloaf (290 calories)

2.24 mile walk- 35:02 (354 calories)

outback steakhouse bloomin onion (650 calories)
outback steakhouse salmon (387 calories)
outback steakhouse sweet potato (465 calories)


Total burned- 861
Total eaten- 2306
Left over- 55

Glasses of water: 10

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