Monday, December 24, 2012

WEverb12- Day 24

24: delight [HOPE]

How can you bring more joy into your life in 2013?

I think I can have more joy by being a more positive person and not focusing on the negatives. I have a tendency to get frustrated at work with certain things that are beyond my control. I think that if I focus more on what I am able to control then I will leave work at the end of the day feeling happier about the productivity of my day.

I am trying really hard to be nicer to the people I love and to tell them more often. It's still kind of awkward because I'm not a lovey dovey type person, but after losing loved ones and after seeing tragedies through the news and other media I feel like it's important to do so. Plus it gives me warm fuzzies.

I would also like to volunteer and/or donate more this coming year. I am trying to save and get out of debt, but I think that if I have a little extra then it would be better to put that toward an organization that is doing good rather than a pair of shoes or other unnecessary item that I really don't need.

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