Thursday, December 20, 2012

WEverb12- Day 20

20: reminisce [GROW]

What distant memory/time did you find yourself longing for in 2012?

The only memory that I can think of that I'm longing for is to be a kid at Christmas again. I miss the days of innocence, of believing in Santa, of excitement over the little things. To be honest, Christmas this year just does not feel like Christmas.

Maybe it's because we're on a budget and I can't go crazy and spoil the kids like I want to, maybe it's because it's exhausting being a parent and Santa, maybe because it's a stressful time of year at work. No matter the reason I need to get out of this funk because Christmas is literally right around the corner.

When I get like this it makes me wish for a simpler time when I was younger and Christmas meant I got to have a sleep over with my sister in her room. We stayed up late talking and it meant so much to me. We didn't get along much when we were younger, but on Christmas Eve it was just the two of us. Then, Christmas morning, she and I would wake up early and sneak downstairs. We had to wait for our dad to come home from work (he's a firefighter and usually worked Christmas Eve) so we'd look through our stockings and then put everything back before our mom woke up. Then we had to act surprised when we really opened them in front of our parents.

Now it's time to make new memories with our children. It's a good thing, but it does make me miss being a kid.

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