Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday- 12/27/12

Christmas Edition...

1. I am thankful to my family for hosting such a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve. I love that we are able to extend our Christmas celebrations to three days and able to spend quality time with each of our families without feeling rushed. Thank you for being so flexible in celebrating on the 23rd each year. Thank you for spoiling us yet again with wonderful food and wonderful very generous gifts. Everything was greatly appreciated and will be put to great use (once we can find room to put everything).

2. I am thankful to my in-laws for Christmas Eve. It's an entire day filled with family and laughter and it's so wonderful to be able to see everyone and catch up. You also spoiled us this year and we are so thankful for everything.

3. I am thankful to Rachel's in-laws. I've heard so many horror stories about awful in-laws and then I look at both my in-laws and Rachel's and feel so blessed and lucky. Rachel's in-laws have felt like family since the beginning and I will always be grateful that they accepted us into their family. I am so glad that Isabel is able to have three sets of grandparents. She is so loved and it is an awesome feeling as her mother to see how much love there is. Thank you for the wonderful gifts!

4. I am thankful that I stayed within budget this year and did not use any credit cards to buy gifts. It was a lot less stressful knowing how much I could spend on each person. Although I would have liked to been able to spend a little more so that I could have given a little more, it gave me a chance to realize that Christmas is not about gifts, it's about spending time with the people you love.

5. I am thankful that Christmas is over. As much as I love seeing everyone and giving/getting gifts, it's exhausting spending three days running around. We have a plan in place already for next year and plan on saving throughout the year so that it's not as much of a financial burden as it's been in the past. I feel like this year was good, but it could have been better at the same time. I'm hoping that we are able to save up and be a little more creative with our gifts next year.

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