Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Goofy Challenge

Ever since I heard about The Goofy Challenge I knew it was something that I wanted to participate in and complete. I started saving for it by paying myself $1 for every 1 mile I walked and/or ran.

Then something happened and I needed to use part of that savings. Then I needed to buy gifts for my bridesmaids for the wedding and ended up wiping out all of that savings. I tried to pay myself back little by little, but things would come up and that would be the first place I would go.

Then I got into this little kick I'm on about saving as much as I can and paying off as much debt as I can. I came to the decision that I will not be running The Goofy Challenge any time soon. I really think that for now it is the best decision for me. I will be saving myself over $2000 that can be used for paying credit cards and for our house fund.

Something like The Goofy Challenge is something that will have to wait until after we have a house and other things that we need as a married couple. Not something I want as a runner. But the dream of running it isn't gone, just put on hold for a while.

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