Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Spirit

For awhile now I've been a Grinchy Scrooge. Christmas this year just does not feel like Christmas for some reason.

I've tried listening to Christmas music. I've put up a few decorations (mostly window clings on our front window). Patrick's put up our Christmas tree (something we didn't have room for, but Patrick got rid of his empty fish tank from our dining room so it made room and he surprised me by putting it up one day). We put on the lights and I got ornaments that are strategically placed (yes, I have OCD). We finished Christmas shopping and all of the gifts are wrapped and ready to go. I've watched Elf, The Santa Clause and am hoping to watch Love Actually soon. We had our work Christmas party. We went to my parents bunko Christmas party. We've received Christmas cards...

But none of that worked. I chose not to send Christmas cards because I couldn't find the time or energy to hand write them, or justify spending money ordering cards online, printing pictures and sending them in the mail. I chose not to decorate the apartment this year because our apartment is small and there's not a lot of extra room for random decorations that will just be taken down. Plus we don't have a fireplace this year. Where are the stockings supposed to be hung with care?!?

Ba Hum Bug. I'm still a little out of the Christmas spirit and am hoping that the following will help. Thank you pinterest.

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