Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WEverb12- Day 12

12: toss [GROW]

2012 was the last time for ________________

2012 was the last time for being single! I guess I technically wasn't single, but I got married this year and it's not something I ever plan on doing again...

For me, I know that I'm only getting married once and that there are very few things that will cause me to leave this marriage. Things that Patrick and I already discussed before getting married.

Patrick and I also took a few pre-marital counseling sessions and discussed many things while there so that we were on the same page before saying "I do." I wouldn't have gone through with it if I wasn't over 100% confident that we were both willing to put in as much effort as it takes to make this marriage work. Plus I love him, which helps.

I know that marriage isn't going to always be easy, but wanting to go through the difficult times with someone just as much as the good times is a good feeling to have. You know you have a partner in crime and a shoulder to lean on when needed.

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