Monday, December 10, 2012

It's About Time..

In true Tracy fashion I have started over yet again. Yes, starting over two weeks before Christmas does seem insane to me, however this is when motivation kicked in and I'm afraid that if I don't run with it then I may not find it again.

1. I am currently 176, fourteen pounds higher than I was on my wedding day 2 short months ago.
2. Yesterday at the half marathon I found myself envying the racers. Not because I was sick and couldn't run the race but because I've been lazy and I want to be back out there running.
3. Patrick has given me his full support throughout this and I'm hoping that he continues when I need it most (during workouts and grocery shopping). I know it's not easy for him when I'm into exercising and running because I'm at home less, but I'm hoping if we communicate then we can find the right balance.
4. I have created a new My Fitness Pal account. Add me if you're on there. User name: halfmarathonrunner314
5. I have been generally unhappy these past two months regarding my weight and my lack of exercise. I know once I get into the swing of things that my mood will change with it.
6. I'm hoping that by finding my motivation I can do this right and not become obsessed. I want to make weekly schedules that I can actually stick to.

I'm just going to take things one day at a time. We're still in the crazy period at work so that's been really stressful, but I really need to learn how to deal with that without turning to food.

Here goes nothing...

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