Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weigh In #5

Today's weight: 164.6
This weeks +/-: -0.6
Total weight +/-: -2.2
I wasn't expecting much of a loss this week, especially after getting home last night and being stressed and turning to food. Wasn't a good choice, obviously, but it's over and done and the new week has begun.
There's always room for improvement. I don't plan on being absolutely 100% perfect everyday. I don't think that's smart either. I feel like if I deprive myself then eventually it will get to the point where I go all out and eat everything in sight. I don't want to do that. So I'm going to keep going the way I'm going. I don't think it's horrible. In fact I think for the most part I do pretty well Monday through Friday.
As long as the number keeps going down I can't complain.

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