Saturday, September 15, 2012

Running Recap- 9/15/2012

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Today was our 11 mile run, which turned into 11.5 miles.

I can't give a break down because I pause my Garmin at lights and kept forgetting to unpause them. No worries though, we still did the mileage.

It ended up getting to at least 102 degrees today. Good thing we started early today. The course was a pretty good one. It took us on the Simi wash, which I don't mind running on, but Rachel hates. I can understand her feelings since we've run on the wash multiple times. The view can get old.

There was a little elevation as well, which can be exhausting, especially in the heat. By the end of the run my water was hot, which didn't help anything.

And my knee... What a pain in my backside.. After the lower body workout I did on Thursday my knee started acting up. I wore my brace today and iced it both last night and today after we got home. I'm planning on resting completely tomorrow and icing it some more. I cannot risk an injury.

My favorite thing about today's long run was that it brings me to over 73 miles for the month. Every month I make a goal to walk and/or run 100 miles. Some months I make it, others I'm under. It doesn't matter either way, but it's really nice to reach that goal. Today is the half way point for the month and I am thrilled with how hard I have worked to get to this point. Normally if I get ahead I tend to slack the rest of the month, but I'm not doing that this month. I'm getting in 100 miles and then some.

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