Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When all else fails.. Shop!

And just purchased the following from Kohl's. I am currently in love with Lauren Conrad's collection and cannot get enough of her adorable designs!

LC Lauren Conrad Peep-Toe Platform High Heels - Womens

LC Lauren Conrad Lace Slubbed Top

LC Lauren Conrad Ponte Blazer

LC Lauren Conrad Crochet Satin Top

I did my best to limit it to what I can afford. Thankfully the 30% coupon started today and I had $10 Kohl's cash. After making my purchase I received another $20 Kohl's cash that starts next week.

I'm thinking I'm going to give my mom the $20 Kohl's cash because I should not spend it.. But then again I may go into the store and look at their jewelry because I'm looking to expand my collection. Plus if I spend less than $20 then it's all good and I'm not spending any extra.

Decisions decisions...

I also got this dress which was on clearance from $90 to $18. I couldn't pass it up!

Suite 7 Plaid Drapeneck Dress

I cannot wait for them to be delivered so I can try them on and come up with some cute outfits for Dress for Success!

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