Friday, September 7, 2012

30 Day Shred Challenge- Day 30

I did it!!!

At the end of level 3 Jillian says "Give yourself a big pat on the back and we'll see you tomorrow." Tonight I was able to say "No you won't." It is going to be so nice to not workout for the next couple days. Well, other than a quick 4 mile run tomorrow.

This challenge started 30 days ago when someone on the weight watchers message boards suggested a 30 Day Shred challenge. It was intended to be a motivator to check in with other people who were going through the same things you were. It quickly turned into me becoming an "attention whore" by checking in each night after I had completed another workout. I was repeatedly told how much of an inspiration I am and I can't help but admit that it helped to hear that. It really did help push me through to the end.

I truly never thought that I would ever finish this challenge. I thought that at some point I would either forget a workout or just give up. It's what I normally do. You see, this was a personal challenge. Something that I've been wanting to do for awhile. When it's something for me, something I want to do, I very rarely finish because I tend to put other people before me.

I will also admit that I wasn't really whole heartedly excited about doing this challenge. It came at the perfect time (the first day of the challenge was the first day I was starting fresh with tracking and eating better). I did not eat as healthy as I should have these past 30 days, but I did stick with the workouts. I can call that a success.

I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm shredded, but there is a difference. A difference that I can be proud of. I won't say that completing this challenge has given me more faith in myself. I definitely don't believe I can do anything, but it proves that if I really have the determination and want something bad enough, that I can do it.

I posted progress pictures earlier today. It definitely helps to see the side by side pictures from before I started to this morning. The measurements are also helpful to look at, especially when the scale doesn't move or is moving up.

Ripped in 30 is next. I've heard some good things about it and I'm excited to try something new. I won't be starting until next week though, and only 2-3 days a week. I would like to, at some point, complete the DVD in 30 straight days like I did this one. It's definitely do-able...

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