Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Goals- Check In

1. Walk and/or run 100 miles.
This is going to be a success. I'm already at 78.69/100.

2. Schedule workouts for the month in writing.
Well, I did schedule the workouts in writing, however I haven't been sticking to that schedule. So technically, I did succeed in the goal, but I failed in following through.

3. Make dinner at least twice this month.
I have made one dinner so far this month. I ended up making dinner for Patrick and my parents. It turned out pretty well. Thank you Emily Bites for your Bubble Up Enchiladas.

4. Track 100% every day on My Fitness Pal.
I have not been tracking 100% every day. I would say I have been tracking about 80% of the time, and believe me I can tell the difference between tracking 100% and 80%.

5. Go grocery shopping every week.
Another fail. We've only gone shopping once so far this month.

6. Work on our budget.
We've discussed things and we both have room for improvement. We are taking a break from building up our savings in order to work on our debt. Then we'll jump right back into saving again. We are also looking into paying our bills differently and I'm learning patience in when bills get sent.

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