Friday, September 28, 2012

Currently- Vol. 3 (Wedding Edition)

Currently- Vol. 3

Loving: Patrick. He's been my rock throughout this whole process. He's helped when I've asked him to and he's allowed me to plan the wedding of my dreams.
Reading: Nothing other than the guest list to make sure I haven't missed anyone for the seating chart and place cards.
Watching: Wedding related movies. Father of the Bride, 27 Dresses, Bridesmaids, Bride Wars, etc.
Anticipating: Being Patrick's wife. I absolutely cannot wait to be married to him. That, and the honeymoon. It will be nice to have it just be him and me for a week.
Planning: Nothing. The planning is all done. The only things left to do are pretty simple.
Working on: Not stressing. I keep over thinking the ceremony and feel overwhelmed when I do that. I hate being the center of attention and am worried I'm going to mess up our vows in an epic way.
Wishing: That the day of could last longer. I know it's going to just fly by and I don't like that. I also wish it was here already. I'm done waiting.

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