Sunday, September 2, 2012

30 Day Shred Challenge- Day 25

Tonight's workout was probably the most difficult up to this point. I dropped the f-bomb more than I'd like to say. Jillian Michael's also got the middle finger once or twice.

I am not proud of my actions.

I am proud that I did the workout.

I knew tonight's workout was going to be difficult. I was up at 3:50am this morning in order to walk over to the half marathon at Disneyland. I then ran 13.1 miles. Then drove home. Then took a nap. Then drank a beer with dinner. It's a surprise that I even put the workout clothes on.

Patrick told me that I should do a modified version of the modified workouts. Since I'm a little sore from running and my knee is screaming at me I considered doing that, but stuck with my original plan of the modified versions. It's what I'm used to and what I'm comfortable doing.

5 days to go. Meaning I'll be moving up to the 5 pound weights tomorrow. Good thing the exercises that use weights are all something I'm capable of doing...

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