Saturday, September 8, 2012

Running Recap- 9/8/2012

Today's group run was a scheduled 4 mile run with a magic mile. A magic mile is a one mile time trial. You are supposed to run faster than your normal running pace. It helps to determine your pace and which group you should be running in.

Rachel and I (as well as a few other members of the group) had just completed the Disney half last weekend, so it was recommended that we didn't go out there and go all out. However, I had mentally been getting myself worked up to get as close to a 9:30 mile. Then I started telling myself to try to run a mile straight.

I think I've only been able to run a mile straight once. A long time ago. I didn't really think it was something that I could do. My body is just not built for running for long periods of time straight through, which is why the Galloway method works so well for me. But I figured that I set a goal with 30 Day Shred and completed it I may as well make another goal and at least try.

The time goal was something our running leader, Vera, had set for me during our last training group. It was for the Arroyo Creek Half Marathon and I had moved up a group from 45:1 to 1:1. She had suggested I try for a 9:30 mile during our Magic Mile clinics and I'm sure she had more faith in me than I had in myself. When I reached a 10 minute mile during that training group I was impressed and proud that I had reached that milestone, but I was still 30 seconds slower than my goal.

I don't know what happened today. The stars aligned I guess. Not only did I run the entire mile straight through, but I also completed the mile in 9 minutes and 34 seconds.

Ummm... What?!? Who am I? I can't even recognize this person. This person who sets personal goals and actually reaches them. This person who can run a mile straight. This person who is proud of herself.

Who knows what's next for me.. I surely don't, but I'm really excited to find out.

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