Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday- Vol. 6

1. I am thankful that I will be married in exactly 3 months! I cannot believe how fast the last 11 months have gone by and I cannot wait to be Patrick's wife.

2. I am thankful that tomorrow is payday. I have already balanced my checkbook and paid the bills (still anticipating more but we haven't started to receive mail at our new apartment...). I put money into my savings for rent next month and still have money left over for our vacation. Not a lot, but enough.

3. I am thankful that we finally bought a computer. It makes it a lot easier to track on my fitness pal and stay on track during the weekends because now I have access to a tracker and can't use that as an excuse anymore.

4. I am thankful that I've finally learned the difference between picking up and cleaning. I became somewhat obsessed when we first moved into our first apartment with keeping it clean. Then I became overwhelmed because I felt like I was always cleaning. After finishing unpacking at our new apartment Patrick and I decided to spend 15-30 minutes a day picking up. What a difference that makes and I don't feel like it's all I'm doing.

5. I am thankful that I was able to stay home with Isabel on Tuesday when she was sick. When I got home Monday night she had a fever of 103.4. I know that when I was a kid and I got sick all I wanted was my mom, so I decided to use the PTO to stay home with her. I am grateful that my work is so understanding when things like this come up.

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