Saturday, July 14, 2012

Running Recap- 7/14/12

Today was a short 4 mile run with the group. I stayed in the same pace group- 45 seconds running, 1minute walking.

Mile 1- 13:32
Mile 2- 13:23
Mile 3- 13:29
Mile 4- 13:56
Mile 0.16- 2:15

Total miles- 4.16
Total time- 56:37

We were actually just a little faster than we should have been, but it felt good. The first mile and a half was a little difficult, as it always is, but I found my groove pretty early today. It got really hot really fast. I am so not looking forward to the longer runs in this heat.

Next week we will be in Mammoth for our scheduled 6 mile run, so Rachel and I have already discussed doing the mileage while we are there. It is going to be more difficult due to the higher elevation, but being in a new place with new sights is going to make it more exciting. I absolutely cannot wait.

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