Sunday, July 29, 2012

Running Recap- 7/28/12

Mile 1- 14:30
Mile 2- 14:36
Mile 3- 14:32
Mile 4- 13:57
Mile 5- 13:50
Mile 0.41- 5:25

Total Miles- 5.41
Total Time- 1:16: 53

Our training is back on track after coming home from vacation. Although we did stay active in Mammoth (including a 6 mile walk/run and a hike) we did not do as much as we should.

It feels good to get back into a routine.

Yesterday was a 5.41 mile run, which we finished in 1:16:53. We did really well in staying within our 14- 14:30 minute mile pace.

This run felt really good for me. Even with the dreaded hill we had to run up. I don't know why it felt so much easier this time. I think I tried to hold back and go slower like it is suggested we do on our long runs. I also think I held back on the hill. I always try to get hills done as fast as I can and that ends up hurting me. I usually don't fuel on a run under 6 miles, but I decided to fuel this run and I definitely felt a difference.

I am ready to start putting my all into my training. I've been slacking and although I've been trying to get the miles in for the month, I've been getting them in by walking alone. I'm planning on sitting down today with Patrick and a calender and writing down our workouts and sticking to it. I think this will help me get in my weekday runs.

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