Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

On Monday I had no plans for the Fourth of July. Normally the family gets together for a BBQ, but everyone had other plans except for my mom, Isabel and myself.

My mom was reading a magazine and came across the Fillmore Railway Co. They were hosting dinner on the train up to Santa Paula and then back to Fillmore for fireworks. We both decided it was a great opportunity to try something different.

We have taken the train a couple of times now. The first time was a couple years ago when we went to the pumpkin patch and recently my parents took Isabel on the train to a bee farm.

We had so much fun and I'm really hoping that we do it again next year.

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Independence Day!

This isn't the best video I took, but the other one won't upload. I also missed video taping the finale because my camera died.

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