Friday, July 20, 2012

Dress for Success- Day 5

Most companies allow casual dress on Fridays. Our company allows it every day (with a few guidelines). Since our dress code changed, as mentioned, I have been too casual about it.

Flip flops (or any sandal that has a wedge between your toes) are on the do not wear list, however during the summer our branch manager has allowed us to celebrate the heat by having Flip Flop Friday.

I have yet to participate in Flip Flop Friday due to some toe nail issues I have been blessed with due to running. Without going into too much detail, my toe nail has received "trauma" due to running. Lovely.

Last night I decided to stop being lazy and I gave myself an at home pedicure in order to feel comfortable enough to bare my feet to the world. Well, to the 9 people in our office.

I still put together what I would consider more of a professional outfit than a casual one. I put my hair up in what I call pig-tail buns. I also did the usual minimum make-up.

I've been photo bombed by my own cat.

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