Saturday, July 7, 2012

Running Recap 7/7/12

Today started the beginning of another training session with the Galloway group. We are training for the Rock N Roll LA Half Marathon in October, however there are a few of us who are also running the Disney Half Marathon in September.

My morning started with a quick breakfast consisting of a Cliff Bar.

When I left to pick up Rachel is was overcast and I thought we might luck out with a cool 3 mile run, however as we got closer to our starting point the sun came out and it got a lot warmer. By the end of the run it was very hot, meaning our longer runs are not going to be enjoyable at all.

We always start our Saturday runs at Foot Pursuit in Simi Valley. This morning we ran a total of 3.08 miles, a pretty easy loop around Simi.

I decided this session to do the 45:1 group with Rachel since we are running the half marathon together. This group tries to keep a pretty consistent 14 minute mile on our long runs, working on speed during our weekday runs.

Mile 1: 14:02
Mile 2: 13:56
Mile 3: 13:14

Me before the run.

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