Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Currently- Vol. 2

Loving: Myself. Or at least I'm trying to. There is no reason why I shouldn't love who I am and how I look right in this moment. I shouldn't be waiting to love some other version that I've made up in my head to be better somehow.

Reading: I took Isabel to the library on Saturday and decided to get some books for myself as well. I borrowed two on running, one on triathlon training and this one:
Feel Good Naked: 10 No-Diet Secrets to a Fabulous Body
It's a 10 step process that I think will really help me in what I'm trying to accomplish right now. I don't want to worry about a number on a scale, I want to worry about how I feel about my body. I'm hoping that I can take something positive away from this and start to feel more confident in what I have.

Watching: My co-worker and best friend brought in Easy A for us to watch on our lunch breaks. We usually walk, but since it has been so hot we've decided to stay inside instead.
Easy A

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