Friday, July 6, 2012

Disney Half Schedule

Tomorrow starts the beginning of another training session with my Galloway family. We will be training for the LA 13.1 half marathon in October, however there are a few of us who are also running the Disney Half Marathon in September.

I just received our running schedule and I am so excited! I always feel more motivated when I am training for a race.

The following is our training schedule:
This weekend (7/7) - 4 miles (run 1 extra mile either before or after the 3 mile group run).
7/14 - 4 miles with the group only
7/21 - 6 miles (run 1 extra mile either before or after the 5 mile group run)
7/28 - Magic Mile time trials with the group (depending on how you're both feeling, you may or may not want to do the speed work but DO run the mileage)
8/5 - 8.5 miles (run an extra 2 miles before or after the 6.5 mile group run)
8/11 - 3 miles MM (with group)
8/19 - 11 miles (run an extra 3 miles before or after the 8 mile group run)
8/25 - 5 miles (run an extra 2 miles before or after the 3 MM group run)
9/2 - RACE DAY!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

As of right now the plan is to do all of our extra miles before the group runs as it is getting hot pretty early. I had hoped to get in more miles for our long runs, but I'm going to listen to the experts and do as told to avoid injuries.

I've also decided to move down a pace group in order to train with my sister. She is the pace group leader for the 45:1 group (run 45 seconds, walk 1 minute). I had moved up a group for the 10K training program to the 1:1 group, but since we are running the race together we both agreed it would be better to train together as well. She will also be gone for a few of the long runs so I will be available to be a sub pace group leader on those runs.

Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!

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