Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weigh In 3/9/13

Today brought an end to my first week back on Weight Watchers and I am so proud of myself and how well I did this week. This week I proved to myself that I can do something if I set my mind to it. I decided before I signed up that if I was going to pay for this program then I was going to have to work it to the best of my ability.

I know that I need to have realistic expectations of myself and I am setting mini goals to reach each week. This week my goals were to drink more water (minimum of 1.5 L a day) and to track. Simple, manageable and easy to obtain. This week I am going to try to get in as many of the Good Healthy Guidelines (GHGs). Not necessarily to be 100% every day, but most days.

The results?

I lost 4 pounds this week for a total loss of... 4 pounds. Obviously, since this is week one.

And this is how I did it.. I really wish I had a sample menu of my average day before, but why would anyone track the bad days?? I get 30 daily points, 49 weekly points and then I have the ability to earn activity points.

Saturday March 2:
Breakfast: banana (0), 1.5 cup watermelon (0)
Snack: apple (0)
Lunch: prepackaged salad (6), tri-tip sandwich (10)
Dinner: mini veggie pizza (13), half kids size pizookie (7)
Snack: popcorn (3)
Total points used: 39
Total points earned: 0

Sunday March 3:
Breakfast: vitamin water (1), peanut butter gu (3), sports beans (1), cliff bar (7), shot bloks (5)
Snack: apple (0)
Lunch: taco bell crunchy taco (4), taco bell doritos locos taco (4)
Dinner: taco salad (10), quinoa and tomato salad (5)
Dessert: sugar cookie (2)
Workout: training run (22)
Total points used: 42
Total points earned: 22

Monday March 4:
Breakfast: coffee (0), creamer (1), splenda (0), chobani blood orange (4), oatmeal (4)
Snack: apple (0)
Lunch: chicken taco salad (10)
Snack: carrots (0)
Dinner: mcdonald's grilled chicken sandwich (9), french fries (5)
Workout: 1.67 mile walk (2)
Total points used: 35
Total points earned: 2

Tuesday March 5:
Breakfast: coffee (0), creamer (1), splenda (0), chobani apple cinnamon (3)
Snack: apple (0), pepper jack string cheese (2)
Lunch: frozen meal- cheese pizza (9)
Snack: hummus (2), carrots (0)
Dinner: fish tacos (10)
Snack: popcorn (3)
Workout: 1.67 mile walk (2)
Total points used: 30
Total points earned: 2

Wednesday March 6:
Breakfast: coffee (0), creamer (1), splenda (0), chobani blueberry (3)
Lunch: buffalo bites (10)
Snack: carrots (0)
Dinner: wine (4), fried calamari (15)
Workout: 1.67 mile walk (2)
Total points used: 33
Total points earned: 2

Thursday March 7:
Breakfast: coffee (0), creamer (1), splenda (0), chobani cherry (4)
Snack: apple (0), pepper jack string cheese (2)
Lunch: lettuce (0), buffalo bites (10), lite ranch dressing (2)
Snack: carrots (0)
Dinner: homemade steak tostata (chips, steak, beans, cheese, lettuce, tapatio, avocado, sour cream) (11)
Dessert: golden spoon mini with butterfinger (6)
Workout: 1.67 mile walk
Total points used: 36
Total points earned: 2

Friday March 8:
Breakfast: coffee (0), creamer (1), splenda (0), chobani strawberry (3)
Lunch: lettuce (0), lite ranch (2), steak (2)
Snack: carrots (0)
Dinner: chicken and cheese burrito (8)
Snack: yogurt pretzels (3), banana (0), peanut butter (5), rice cakes (2), popcorn (3)
Total used: 29

I ended the week with 14 weekly points left over and 30 activity points earned.

It's sink or swim time for me. I'm notorious for doing well the first week and then falling off the wagon. It's also difficult for me to eat well when I'm at home either by myself or with Patrick and Isabel. For some reason the structure of work just keeps my hunger and cravings down.

I've tracked today and including dinner I'm only at 32 points, which is pretty good for me. I'm sure I'll probably still be hungry later tonight so I'll probably be adding a snack or two. But I'm okay with that because I think it's good to have a day to go a little (emphasis on little) crazy and indulge. There's no better day than weigh in day!


  1. Congrats Tracy! You had a great week!!!

    1. Thanks! It feels great to put in the work and get the reward.