Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dear Journal 3/24/13

Dear Journal,
Q: What did you daydream about today?
A: Today was a day of dreaming about expanding our family. Patrick and I had a very serious talk and decided that adding to our family was not the right move for us and we have closed the doors on having anymore children. That's not to say that the door can never be opened again, but I'm pretty sure this is the final decision.

Being someone who's dreamed about having more than one child of my own meant that I didn't take this choice very well, but I really think it would be better for me to resent Patrick for a little while rather than having him resent both me and a new born baby for eighteen or more years.

Le Sigh.. I guess at some point the daydreams will end and I'll be okay with this decision.

Picture of the day 3/24:

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