Friday, March 15, 2013

Dear Journal, 3/15/13

Dear Journal,
Q: What do you not want to talk about?
A: There are some things that have happened in the past surrounding Isabel that I don't like to talk about. A lot of things happened four years ago that I stayed strong through and wound up pushing a lot of feelings down deep.

As the four year mark approaches of the scariest day of my life, I have been dealing with some unexpected feelings. I say unexpected because up until now it's been a celebration, but I've been thinking about making some life altering changes that are both exciting and scary.

And I say dealing with these feelings, but I'm not dealing at all. In fact, what's been happening is I'll talk for about 5 minutes and then bury those thoughts. A few hours later I'll repeat the same pattern.

Maybe it's time to discuss this completely with someone and not push the feelings down...

Picture of the day 3/15:

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