Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weigh In 3/23/13

Running 26.2 miles is exhausting.. Mentally, physically and emotionally. Triple whammy!

The day of the marathon was a difficult day food wise. I probably ate more points of gu, chomps, sports beans and gatorade than I did actual food. That may be an exaggeration, but it felt like it that day.

I had little to no appetite afterwards, but we drove through McDonalds because everyone was hungry and it didn't sound awful. I was craving the sodium from a Dr Pepper and french fries. But it just didn't taste good. It tasted so bland..

My appetite returned in full force the next day. And the day after that.. And the day after that... I won't say I gave in and overate every meal, but I didn't track most meals and gave myself the week off from tracking.

"I can eat what I want! I ran a marathon!" This is the excuse I used and no one really disagreed with me. In fact, after a few days of not eating and not tracking I started thinking that I should start reeling it back in, attempt to lose some weight this week.

But I have no self control and have a difficult time saying no to going out with the family for dinner and I kept the celebration going. I told myself to just anticipate a gain and I would get back on track after weighing in on Saturday.

Not the best decision. But I can't go back now. And the results were better than I could have hoped for!

This week: +0.4
Total +/-: -4.8

I had honestly been talking to myself on the way to my meeting that I could handle a gain. Anything less than a 2 pound gain would not derail me. I ran a marathon!! One week would be fine..

But I only gained 0.4, not even half a pound! And it's time to get back to tracking. Because this 0.4 pound gain can easily turn into more if I continue the excuses. 

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